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What We Offer

Life during COVID-19 pandemic

Consultation services to help with coping during the pandemic. The pandemic has re-aligned our paths, and these sessions will be individualized to address your personal needs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Involves sessions to address thinking patterns. This therapy helps one to identify and change how thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs relate to the emotional and behavioral reactions causing mental health concerns.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

This evidence-based model of therapy is adapted for mental health problems that threaten a person's safety, relationships, work, and emotional well-being. Sessions will be catered to address these mental health concerns.


These sessions are available to treat individuals struggling with substance use, such as alcohol and drugs.

Children's Counseling

Sessions will be implemented with consent from a parent or guardian. Sessions cater for children and teenagers. These sessions help children under 21 with anxiety, depression, behavior and other challenges will help them reach their full potential.

Children's Technology Addiction

These sessions will address technology misuse, such as cellphones, laptops, and social media for children under 21.

Couple's Therapy

Therapy for couples in a relationship, common-law, or marriage. Therapy allows couples to discuss issues, sensitive topics, feelings, and to reach a resolution.

Family Counseling

Therapy for diverse types of families to help your family navigate through tough times. These sessions aim to increase understanding and unity.


Gambling Therapy provides therapy to address craving or behaviour to gamble and chase losses, including cravings to gamble.

Substance Abuse

Providing help to individuals struggling with drug and alcohol use.

Personality Disorders, including mood and anxiety

A therapist will discuss your condition and treatment depending on your personality disorder. Personality disorders are long-standing, so treatment may require months or years.


Healthy expression of sexuality comes in many forms. Individuals with a non-normative sexuality or gender may feel alienated. These feelings may cause mental health issues that bring them to therapy. Other people may have issues centered on sexual intimacy. Worries about sexual issues can profoundly affect a person’s mood, thoughts, and well-being. Sessions will address these feelings and concerns.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Therapy sessions to address actual or possible threats of death, violence, or serious injury.

Eating Disorders

These sessions are for individuals 14 years and older dealing with eating disorders to increase awareness, restore healthy attitudes, healthy eating, and exercise.

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